Proverbs 18:17 (NRSV)

The one who first states a case seems right: Until the other comes and cross-examines. Text from the NRSV Images are free to share as you like

the gospel according to hashtags

For the past many months I have been meeting almost bi-weekly with a small group to study the book of Matthew. We started in Jan 2012, and as of the end of May of 2013, we’ve made it through chapter 21. At our last meeting, I had an epiphany: if the gospels were written today, […]

a history of brewing and distillation

{I am indebted to the wonderful work of wikipedia editors and contributors to find original sources on much of this} Brewing alcoholic beverages is known to have started with the Babylonians at least by the second millennium BC (3000-4000 years ago). Some archaeological evidence puts production in ancient Mesopotamia as early as 5400 BC. The Code of Hammurabi had regulations […]

table wine

For posterity, below is a table of all references to alcoholic beverages in the Bible, categorized into positives and negatives. For the record, there are 29 negative references, 75 positive, and 67 neutral. Reference Pro, Con, Neutral Comments Genesis 9:21,24 neutral Noah got drunk off too much wine Genesis 14:18 pro Melchizedek, priest of God […]


I have been working on chronologies of the Old Testament recently – which is turning into both an exceptionally enlightening project, and a complicated one! My first draft of chronologizing Genesis is complete. All entries are done using whole years. I have also completed the first draft of the chronology of Exodus through Joshua. My […]

Bible study cross-reference service

It’s been several years in the making, and will be a continually-added-to tool (I hope!), but I am finally nearing the releasability of a Bible study cross-referencing tool to see what books on your shelf (or on Amazon’s ;)) cover a passage you are interested in learning more about for personal, group, or church settings. […]

The Gospel and parenting

Tim Challies has posted an interview with the author of Gospel-Powered Parenting, William Farley. This book is going on my to-read-and-share list 🙂