we finished Matthew!

In follow-up to my last comment on my regular Bible study, we have finished the book of Matthew. In January 2014 we start Daniel!

one more chapter to go

We started in January of 2012. As of today, we have completed chapter 27. Next month, we will embark on the final chapter of Matthew in our small group men’s Bible study. It has been an adventure, a wonderful time of fellowship, and an amazing opportunity to go deeper into the Word of God. Thank […]

adoption update

My wife will have substantially more on this, but we did have movement this month: 3 slots. We’re still in the 60s, but only barely!

lots of changes

This will likely be the last term I teach a Sunday afternoon discipleship class at Porter. But this is a Good Thing™. Beginning the first Sunday in April, I will be trialing as the new primary leader of a SS class Life Group. If all goes well, after the first month, I’ll be in there […]

study, study, study

In addition to leading a Sunday afternoon study at my church this spring, I am also participating in the 40 Day Challenge with a friend‘s church in NJ. That one uses the NIV (a version I’m not especially fond of), but it’s been reformatted into a chapter- and verse-less edition so that the books of […]

podcasting the Bible

I’ve been tossing around the idea of podcasting the Bible for some time – ie, creating an audio Bible of my own (using a readily-available translation), and posting episodes (chapters or books – haven’t decided which yet) on a frequent basis (perhaps weekly). After all, what better way is there to study the Bible than […]

Reading the Bible for Life

A couple weeks ago I finished leading a small group study through George Guthrie’s Read the Bible for Life video and study series. It’s a good introduction to the Bible, and I found it helpful – though I think that video-based studies like that are too slow-paced, and encourage “waiting for the fill-in” to appear […]

on Eschewmenical

I am a contributor on Eschewmenical – the blog for Christianity.SE. My first contribution is my testimony of being saved.

studying Matthew

For the past several months I have been meeting with 1-3 other guys at the Panera in Nicholasville to study the book of Matthew. It has been an amazing time, and I can’t overstate how much I have both learned, and grown through meeting with D, E, & P 🙂 Going methodically through the book […]