studying Matthew

By | 12 August 2012

For the past several months I have been meeting with 1-3 other guys at the Panera in Nicholasville to study the book of Matthew.

It has been an amazing time, and I can’t overstate how much I have both learned, and grown through meeting with D, E, & P 🙂

Going methodically through the book takes time, and we “Elmer Fudd” a lot (a term E coined to indicate how many rabbit trails we chase), but it’s a great opportunity to share in the Word with fellow Christians.

So far (as of today) we’ve made it through chapter 9 … so we only have about 19 to go 😀

Here’s to a great group of guys and taking time studying God’s word!

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  1. Eric Lake (E)

    These Saturdays have become some of my favorite days of the month. Some weeks it is very hard to even get out of bed that early on “my weekend” but I have never once regretted going. I get so much out of our time together and I am truly blessed to have brothers that I can lean on. Thank you to P, W, D and now another E. You guys rock.

    1. warren Post author

      I love getting together then, too – and likewise have never regretted going!

      Now if I could just manage more than 4hrs of sleep beforehand… 🙂

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