unconverted believers – chapter 1 – #followme

Though not¬†directly the Bible, I am following-up my previous post, and am blogging my reading. Here are some excerpts from David Platt’s book Follow Me:

“tell Ayan the truth…in the gospel, God is calling her to die.
To die to her life.
To die to her family.
To die to her friends.
To die to her future.
And in dying, to live. To live in Jesus.”

“Jesus is worthy of far more than intellectual belief, and there is so much more to following him than monotonous spirituality.”

“Is it possible for you or me to profess to be a Christian and yet not know Christ? Absolutely. And according to Jesus, it’s actually¬†probable.”

“The road that leads to heaven is risky, lonely, and costly in this world, and few are willing to pay the price.”

“even demons ‘believe’ that Jesus is the crucified and resurrected Son of God. Such ‘belief’ clearly doesn’t save, yet such ‘belief’ is common across the world today.”

“people who claim to believe in Jesus are not assured eternity in heaven. On the contrary, only those who obey Jesus will enter his Kingdom.”

“popular Christian slogans and politically correct positions .. keep us from truly knowing and passionately proclaiming Christ.”

Other works cited in this chapter (by the author):