What’s your Weltanschauung?

There is probably no more fundamental aspect of a person’s life, outlook, and opinion base than his weltanschauung – his worldview.

For the Christian, it is vital that your worldview be based on – indeed spring from – the Bible. If your view of the world – your opinion-former, your interpretive framework for reality – is not informed by, founded upon, and focused around the Bible, you will rapidly be lost in this world. God gave us the instruction manual for life – it is to our personal detriment if we ignore what He has told us about life.

Charles Coulson’s excellent book How Now Shall We Live (coauthored with Nancy Pearcy) was the first place I ran across theĀ term worldview. But it is a term whose time is NOW for its applicability.

I plead with everyone to study the Bible – go deep, go long, and drink it all in. Read multiple good versions. Compare your translations. Dive into the original text with tools like Vine’s Expository Dictionary and Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance. Learn everything you can. Let the Word infuse your life and focus your thinking.

The good news of the gospel gives peace – not a trite, fleeting peace, but true, lasting peace: it is theĀ only way to know God, and only by knowing Him can you have eternal security.

So – what’s your Weltanschauung?