quotes to prepare for session 3

Trials hurt. They stretch us, bend us, twist us, and pressure us as they develop us into the people God would have us to be. A chef in an authentic pizzeria stretches the dough, pounds it, flattens it, rolls it, twirls it, and then cooks it. A pizza can’t become all that a pizza was […]

study, study, study

In addition to leading a Sunday afternoon study at my church this spring, I am also participating in the 40 Day Challenge with a friend‘s church in NJ. That one uses the NIV (a version I’m not especially fond of), but it’s been reformatted into a chapter- and verse-less edition so that the books of […]

quotes to prepare for session 1

To prepare for session 1, and to remind you of the whole purpose of this study, I want to share a pair of quotes: Faith means acting on God’s Word. Faith is acting as if something is so even when it is not so in order for it to be so simply because God said so. and When you […]