The latest enrollee at RBS

I thought it would be this upcoming fall … but it’s this spring term instead You’re reading from the latest enrollee at Reformed Baptist Seminary, where I’ll be doing the Marrow of Theology program. My chosen focus is the “Emphasis on Systematic Theology”. Haven’t entirely figured out what electives I’ll take, but I have [some] […]

ending Acts

We started in August of 2014. And tomorrow we *think* we shall finish, as we read and discuss chapter 28. We don’t meet quite every other Saturday – but it is close 🙂

Daniel is coming to an end

We’ve definitely covered Daniel proportionately-quicker than we did Matthew, but it has been a great study. 26 Jul will be our last session in Daniel, as we cover chapter 12 (the end of the 3 chapter prophecy and interpretation). Next up: Acts.

It’s [still] Not Too Late!

Due to weather and other concerns, the spring classes at PMBC won’t start until this Sunday – 10 Feb. So. It’s [still] Not Too Late! I’ll be starting that class at 1700 in two days 🙂 There are several others, too – but mine’s the best 😀

church hunted

Following-up with last week’s post, my wife and I have joined Porter Memorial Baptist Church in Lexington KY. She has already engaged in their Awana program on Wednesday evenings, and has started working with their women’s ministry – so much so that she was asked to setup a facebook group for them (which she has!) […]