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Daniel is coming to an end

We’ve definitely covered Daniel proportionately-quicker than we did Matthew, but it has been a great study. 26 Jul will be our last session in Daniel, as we cover chapter 12 (the end of the 3 chapter prophecy and interpretation). Next up: Acts.

It’s [still] Not Too Late!

Due to weather and other concerns, the spring classes at PMBC won’t start until this Sunday – 10 Feb. So. It’s [still] Not Too Late! I’ll be starting that class at 1700 in two days 🙂 There are several others, too – but mine’s the best 😀

church hunted

Following-up with last week’s post, my wife and I have joined Porter Memorial Baptist Church in Lexington KY. She has already engaged in their Awana program on Wednesday evenings, and has started working with their women’s ministry – so much so that she was asked to setup a facebook group for them (which she has!)… Read More »