grace and truth church

My parents have been attending a small “start-up” church in the Albany area for about two years now, and I just recently updated the church’s website:

church hunted

Following-up with last week’s post, my wife and I have joined Porter Memorial Baptist Church in Lexington KY. She has already engaged in their Awana program on Wednesday evenings, and has started working with their women’s ministry – so much so that she was asked to setup a facebook group for them (which she has!) […]

church hunting

For several months, my wife and I have been church hunting in the Lexington area… a process far more difficult than we had anticipated! Our main goals have been these, in the order of priority: Must preach from the Bible No women in prominent leadership roles (deacons or pastors) An excited community of believers who […]

Bible study cross-reference service

It’s been several years in the making, and will be a continually-added-to tool (I hope!), but I am finally nearing the releasability of a Bible study cross-referencing tool to see what books on your shelf (or on Amazon’s ;)) cover a passage you are interested in learning more about for personal, group, or church settings. […]

Wolf2 reprogressing

As is often the case with a first attempt, improvements need to be made. My Wolf1 (reference) one-way hashing algorithm, while operational, does not avalanche as well as it should: one-bit changes to the source being hashed are not creating vastly different outcomes. I’m reworking the Wolf1 process into a new version, and will post […]

Downloadable Bibles

I came across a great resource yesterday: Several versions available, and all free 🙂

new color scheme done

I have just completed the color scheme updates to my main site, I have brightened the whole works up, and made it more in line with the look of the blog theme I am using.

blog entries imported

I’ve finished importing my old journal entries into the new CMS – you’ll notice I greatly trimmed-down from the total still visible at the old location:

the new look of

My website has been due for an overhaul for quite a while. I’m going to be shifting some all of my content from a manually-managed setup to a CMS. This is the first stage of that migration: I’m importing old blog/journal posts that I feel should be carried-over to the new look-and-feel. Please bear with […]