28 done

I have just completed my 28th year as an individual person. A year ago, I worked for HP and was getting ready to go to Chicago to start the rollout of HPSA for HSBC. 11 months ago I was getting ready to go to London to participate in more HSBC stuff. 10 months ago I […]

Staging Responsibility

I’ve written recently about both baptism and church membership. In those two posts, I argue both that the modern concept of “membership” is wrong, and that withholding baptism from a professing believer implies a more perfect knowledge of the state of someone’s soul than a mere human can claim to have. If membership is a […]

Being “of Age”

Is there an appropriate age at which someone can be considered for baptism? Is there an “age of majority” that needs to be considered before allowing someone who professes faith to be immersed in the baptistery? I am a firm adherent to believer’s baptism. When a sinner is saved by grace, it is both their […]

Questions to ask a church

As reported on The Fishermen, http://thefishermen.us/?p=332. 41 questions to ask a church. A. Theological Questions 1. What is the church’s statement of faith and how did the church devise it? 2. What has been the most vexed theological question the church has faced? Has there ever been a church split over theology or practice? Why? […]

Church Membership?

This is the first in a small series of posts on church membership. I am not convinced that church “membership”, as implemented by most churches I have attended or visited through my life, is a Biblically-valid stance to take. Certainly we are not to forsake the gathering of ourselves together. And in order to be […]

The joy of giving

When I was a kid, I recall it being somewhat exciting and fun to drop a couple coins in the offering plate at church. Now it’s not so interesting. Most churches I’ve been to seem to have an undue focus on money; certainly there should be some focus, as the Apostle Paul directed the Corinthians […]