Christian apocalyptic fiction

Stories like the popular Left Behind series, or really any eschatalogical – other than Jerusalem Countdown – story always has a rapture event in it somewhere. Excepting the aforementioned movie (which was very good, in my opinion), I think there is a simple reason for this: if Jesus’ second coming is not presaged by a […]

the gospel according to hashtags

For the past many months I have been meeting almost bi-weekly with a small group to study the book of Matthew. We started in Jan 2012, and as of the end of May of 2013, we’ve made it through chapter 21. At our last meeting, I had an epiphany: if the gospels were written today, […]

other things to podcast

In addition to my previous post about podcasting the Bible, I have been considering offering a podcasted version of some now-public-domain texts – such as Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening or Faith Checkbook. What other titles like that would be appreciated to exist in audio form?

why are Bibles so expensive?

I understand that printing a physical book entails some cost, but what makes Bibles so darn expensive? As an example, Lifeway has a KJV Study Bible that costs $99.99! Seriously? The book is hundreds of years past copyright – why is it [nearly] one hundred dollars? It CAN’T cost that much to print it – so […]

the technology basket

John Dyer write about the importance of disconnecting: